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Ahmedabad : +91-79-22551912
Agra : +91-562-2424554
Bhiwandi : 1800-233-2255
Surat : +91-261-2551912

What is the Torrent Power Online Payment service?

Torrent Power Online Payment is simple and convenient electricity bill payment service provided by Torrent Power Limited to its consumers. It allows making payment online through the Torrent Power Limited website instantly with multiple options like credit card and internet banking. You need to specify your Torrent Power Limited service number, view the bill details and pay directly through credit card or internet banking.
How do I access this service?

You can access the online Pay service through
Who is eligible to use this service?

Any customer who wants to make payment of their regular energy bill (without arrear amount) can use this service. Disconnected service payment should not be made
How does this service work?

To pay your electricity bill through online payment service, you need to follow the steps as given below:

  1. Click on Pay Bill on the left side of the webpage -  

  2. Choose your city and enter the Torrent Power Limited service number.

  3. View your bill online and pay

    • You will be taken to a page where you can see snap shot of your current bill online

    • Click on the “Proceed to Pay” button to initiate payment

  4. Select and Confirm payment

    • You will be directed to a payment gateway where an amount payable will be displayed, you will be required to select the mode of payment. On confirmation of same, there would be another step for the confirmation of card details in case of credit card and for internet banking you will be directed to your net banking site where you have to input your net banking user id and password to make the payment.

    • Your payment will be authenticated over the gateway.

    • You will receive a transaction reference number that is an acknowledgement of your payment request.

    • You will be redirected to Torrent Power website where you can view your online payment transaction details, which can be printed as a token of receipt of payment.

    • Note: Your payment will be credited into your Torrent Power Limited account within 3 days.

What payment methods can I use for this service?

At present, online payment facility is available through credit card and internet banking.
Do I have to pay the entire bill amount?

Do I get a confirmation of the payment that I have made?

For each payment, you will receive an online transaction reference number that is an acknowledgement for your payment of electricity bill. In addition to that, you can print e-receipt.
Are my transactions safe?

The security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information is paramount importance to us. You are provided with best-in-class security standards when it comes to using the Torrent Power Limited Online Payment service so that transactions done by you are safe.
Do I have to pay any service fee?

Yes.In case of Credit card payment, a convenience/processing fee of 0.80% of payable amount plus service tax is applicable.

There is no “Service Charge” on Internet Banking facility effective from 1/3/2015.

What if I need help using the service?

Ahmedabad : (079) 22551912
Agra : (0562) 2424554
Bhiwandi : 1800-2332255
Surat : (0261) 2551912

Can I make payment after due date?

For AHMEDABAD consumers

Yes you can make the payment even after the due date. However, amount payable would be gross amount i.e. you will not be entitled for discount and you will be liable for delay payment charges accordingly.

Further, Low tension (LT) consumers can make electricity bill payments upto the due date of the NOTICE bill if payment of first bill is not made while Low Tension Maximum Demand (LTMD) customer can make payments upto the last date of notice for payment of dues if amount is not paid by the due date.

In case of LT Consumer having energy billing of Rs 5000 or more, they can make the payment upto the last date of notice for payment of dues if amount is not paid by due date.

For Agra and Bhiwandi Customers

No, you cannot make the payment after the due date.

For SURAT consumers

Yes, you can make the payment even after the due date. However, you will be liable for delay payment charges accordingly.

When can I see my payments reflecting in my account?

Your last online transactions can be seen immediately on completion of a successful transaction .

Can I make payments of any amount online?

Part payment of Energy bill is not allowed .Consumer has to pay full amount of Energy bill.

For Ahmedabad Consumers
Advance payment can be made up to maximum amount of Rs. 50,000/-

I am a High Tension (HT) consumer what is the time limit for payment of energy bill?

HT customer can make net amount payment of energy bill till due date and gross amount payment up to 28th of current month. Disconnected service payment and arrear bill payment should not be allowed.

Once I pay online, will I have to pay this way every month?

No. This service is available for your convenience. If you pay online this month, you can pay your next bill by cheque or cash. There are never any automatic payments, hence, selection of mode of payment remain within your control.

Kindly note for payment through internet banking from some banks an additional convenience fee of Rs. 2.25 per transaction may apply. These charges are levied by the Bank and Online Payment Service provider.

For Payment through Credit card, a processing/convenience fee of 0.80% of the payable amount plus service tax is applicable.

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